The meeting of three worlds

At its core, Springboard is a self-regenerating system (SRS) of health and well-being that emerges from three worlds:

Principles of health and living systems—Real health is based on how life works. Living systems are successful when they can creatively respond to change, catch and store energy, use renewable resources, self-regulate based on feedback, and rely on small, steady steps for gaining and sustaining health and well-being.

Design thinking—Real health can be created intentionally by embracing a bias toward action. Creating small, repeatable experiments with variations can quickly yield valuable—and often surprising—results.

Systems approach—High-health practices are integrated, address several issues simultaneously, and work at the root level. Health is a natural process that involves every aspect of life, not just diet and physical activities. Gaining and sustaining high health requires attention to emotions, thinking patterns, meaning, life purpose, and energy restoration in addition to the physical body.

Springboard is a fusion of the practical, the scientific, and the visionary. Successful practice can lead to powerful outcomes and high-health teams.

Essential skills needed today

Our high-health practices are backed by decades of research and delivered by our expert guides in physical health, mental and emotional well-being, workplace wellness, and behavioral science.

We’ve wrapped our practices inside a progressive adventure called Springboard. At its heart is a web-based arena with six “modules,” each of which reveals special techniques for increasing health and well-being.

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